MeYoMe Story

January 26, 2018

The journey of Meyome began with the desire to share an experience. India is a country whose roots lie in her villages. These corners are untouched little pockets of vibrant culture, and yet remain unknown to the hustling crowd of metros. Our journey began with a will to provide city-dwellers with destination where they can spend their weekends with their family and friends or by themselves.

With the advent of modern globalized civilization, we have lost our touch to the Earth. Mother earth has incredible healing properties. Activities such as walking barefoot on the soft dewed morning grass, using your own hands to plough, seed and sow plants or seeds can help reduce stress immensely. After spending the entire week hemmed within cubicle, how very unshackling it must be to harvest vegetables, to cook them on an earthen oven, and after dinner, to lie down and gaze at the brilliantly starlit night-sky?

Our team is passionate about bringing city-folks to places which have never been traipsed before by travelers.After exploring hundreds of spots we have set camp in such places, the novelty of which will not only arouse the most innate of senses, but will also calm the unpacifiable souls. Our stays and trips have perfect combination of Royal and Rustic elements. We have adapted best technologies to bring delightful experience to our customers. Starting from instant bookings to personalized trip packages we have deployed technological solutions at every touch points. Our trips have a quintessential “BE LOCAL” factor attached to it

If a seven course a-la-carte dinner and an insane shopping spree is what you desire, Meyome is not for you. Our offerings can range from a quiet siesta on a Macrame hammock to meeting or even performing with local musicians. So, if you are tired of your shiny and yet infuriatingly-empty urban life, visit us. With our Royally rustic experience, we promise to help you rekindle the passion for life that you have lost in the high streets of urban India.

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