Mr. Forrest Gump

March 25, 2018

MeYoMe Mystic forrest is a private sanctuary, spread across 21-acres of land at Gorhe Khurd on Panshet Road. Untapped and unspoilt, it’s for those who wish to explore beyond Lonavala and Lavasa during their long weekends. Blanketed in various tones of green, the santuary houses over 20,000 trees, 200 species of insects, over 100 fauna, butterflies and snakes of various species and exotic flora


Pramod Nargolkar ( The Real Forrest Gump)

Nobody can buy a forest. So, Pramod Nargolkar did the next best thing: he created one. Over 20 years, he bought patch after another of barren hilly tracts, some 25 kms from Pune. He collected saplings from various parts of India, including Eastern Maharashtra, the South, the North-East, and even the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He took special care to choose only those specimens that suited the unique climate and soil conditions of Pune.

Do nothing with added raw discomfort

So quiet and calm, one can walk down the lush green tracts, watch hundreds of birds chirp away, sit by a quaint pond-like water body and learn so much about environment conservation.  A rare rudraksha tree had been cut, an Arjuna tree had been hacked, and acid sprayed on the Nilgiri trees.

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